14"x10" OSHA Sign - Danger Header

OSHA Sign - Danger Header

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DA OSHA Sign - Danger Header

Up to 80 letters or numbers may be added to the standard OSHA headers shown below.

Custom OSHA Signs made in only 24 hours.

Select from the standard legend or any custom message to fit your needs.

Standard Wordings Include:

Acid, Authorized Personnel Only, Buried Cable, Blasting Keep Away, Caustic Chlorine, Compressed Gas, Diesel, Do Not Enter, Do Not Operate, Man Working on Repairs, Do Not Watch the Arc, Ear Protection Required in this Area, Explosive Gas, No Smoking Explosives, Explosives Keep Away, Eye Protection Required in This Area, Falling Material, Flammable, Flammable Liquids, Floor Slippery When Wet, Gasoline, Hard Hat Area, High Pressure Gas Line, High Voltage, High Voltage Keep Away, Hot Hydrogen Keep Away, Keep Gate Closed, Keep Hands Clear of Moving Machinery, Keep Off, Keep Out, Men Working Above, Moving Machinery, No Smoking, No Smoking Beyond this Point, No Smoking Matches or Open Lights, No Smoking Within 50 Feet, No Trespassing, Poison, Poison Gas, Restricted Area, This Machine Starts Automatically, Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out, Underground Cable, *Volts (specify volts), Watch Your Step, Wear Goggles & Rubber Gloves when Handling Chemicals, Wear Goggles While Using this Machine