SZ-460 5' Springless Sign Stand
SZ-460 5' Springless Sign Stand
SZ-460 5' Springless Sign Stand
SZ-460 5' Springless Sign Stand

SZ-460 5' Springless Sign Stand

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Lightweight design - 29.5 lbs.

Compact for ease in storage

Springless design

Over-sized pull pins and kick release for quick release of legs

3 Separate height adjustments for uneven terrain

Bright orange legs for extra visibility on curbs & sidewalks

Outdoor UV powder-coated and zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance

The SZ-460 is perfect for DOT, Road Pavers, Road Contractors, Signal Crews, & Bridge Contractors

NCHRP350 Approved

If you find yourself working in high traffic count work zones, then the SZ-460 is the

stand for you! Designed as a high level warning device with 5’ bottom height, the

SZ-460 can be seen in the most congested of roadways. Its breakaway base and

bright orange UV stabilized powder coated legs give the user an added measure

of safety in all work areas. Although the SZ-460 is a springless design, its large

footprint allows stability of Roll-Up signs in heavy winds without the need for

additional ballast. The SZ-460 is available with either Auto-Latch or Universal

Bracket. Bright orange, powder coated legs allow the SZ-460-2S and SZ-484-2S

sign stand to be seen from highways to city sidewalks. Like the SZ-460 and SZ 484,

the SZ-460-2S has a bottom height of 5' and the SZ-484-2S of 7'. The signs are

held above the ground for maximum visibility and height meets the minimum height

requirement as set forth in the MANUAL ON UNIFORM TRAFFIC CONTROL

DEVICES (MUTCD). With it's heavy-duty dual springs and extended legs design, it

can withstand elements and give you years of use without developing memory or

sag. The SZ-460 and SZ-484 is perfect for DOT’s, Road Pavers, Road Contractors,

Signal Crews & Bridge Contractors.

*Sign NOT Included*