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SX0130 Large Channel Extrusions, 1.5"x1.5"x120"

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Large Channel Extrusion

SignFix Rear Sign Support Hardware by Band-It. These rear sign support channels,

clamps and hardware will provide support to the rear of larger signs. They also provide

a faster means of attaching larger signs to supporting post. Time 5 days. Extruded

Aluminum Sign Support Channel. These sign support channels may be attached with

VHB 5952-1 adhesive double sided tape or drilled and bolted onto the rear of the sign.

These may be purchased in individual lengths but the box package has a lower cost

per piece. Due to the length of these items they must ship by motor freight. We

sometimes cut these into shorter lengths to allow for shipping by UPS. If cutting is

requested please indicate notes on your order.